Information for Bachelor Thesis

Your studies will be completed with a Bachelor thesis. The thesis module’s 15 CP comprise an accompanying research colloquium of two semester periods per week (study record) and a written, academic thesis of approx. 30 pages (examination). Please see here for general information on academic writing.



All students who are writing their Bachelor thesis in the same semester in the same specialisation field are required to attend a colloquium. The colloquium focuses on the critical discussion of specific objects of study and research. In general, a broad range of contents from the chosen specialisation field will be revised and extended. The course is structured as to give students the opportunity to present the contents and structure of their thesis in the making as well as preliminary results and have them discussed by fellow students and the supervising instructors. The students develop a deeper understanding of the contents of one specific field, gain insight into the projects and experiences of their fellow students, and will be able to put their knowledge of academic work processes and scientific discussion to practice.


Bachelor thesis

The Bachelor thesis can be supervised by instructors teaching in the disciplines of field A (cultural studies) or B (Specialisation). The Bachelor thesis is supervised by a person eligible for supervision and appointed in accordance with the conditions as set forth in §12 para. 1 of the study and examination regulations. This person must be an instructor teaching in the Cultural Engineering programme. In order to apply for writing the Bachelor thesis, students have to have acquired 200 CP. Students are given 10 weeks to complete the thesis, starting with issuing the topic or title. The Bachelor thesis has to be registered with the examination office (application form). The thesis is to be submitted to the examination office by the deadline in two bound copies as well as in digital form. The supervisors’ assessment should not take longer than 6 weeks. For more information, please see §21-23 of the study and examination regulations.

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