Information on Internships



The internship aims at familiarising students with the implementation and application of the programme’s subject matter in businesses and institutions. Students gain first insights into works fields, the problems and resources in specific institutions, and they gain basic knowledge of the principles of methodical actions, particularly standards, tasks, and the importance of instruction and supervision. In this regard, the practically oriented internship is intended to foster the deeper understanding of the theoretical knowledge offered at university. The internship is firmly integrated into the programme and lasts at least four weeks (full time). Students are able to choose whether they want to do the internship along with their studies or during the semester breaks.


Internship position

Looking for internship opportunities, contacting suitable businesses or institutions and signing the internship contract is first and foremost the students’ job. However, the student advisor and the respective institutes and divisions of the faculty offer support in this regard. You can find suitable internship opportunities in our database or in the job postings section. Additional opportunities can be found on the website of the Leonardo Bureau Saxony-Anhalt. The ERASMUS programme offers scholarships for internships in EU countries. Members of AIESEC are offered the opportunity to do a social internship abroad in one of the following fields: environment, education, culture, health, or social entrepreneurship. Moreover, the METOP An-Institut also offers internship positions. The examination office provides an internship contract template.



At the end of their internship, students will have to write a report (either in German or English). They are expected to demonstrate their ability to reflect the practical experiences they gained in the field in which they worked. The report should comprise approx. five pages (approx. 1,500 words) and contain the following items:

  1. General information (i.a. business name, duration of the internship, field of work, …)
  2. Own goals and expectations
  3. Scope of duties
  4. Course of the internship
  5. Reflection of skill development

Here you can find exemplary internship reports of our students.


Credit recognition

Students are given 5 CP for the internship. In order to get the internship recognised for credits, they have to present their internship certificate and the report to the student advisor. The examination office provides an internship certificate template. If the certificate is issued in a language other than German or English, students will have to supply a certified translation. An internship abroad will be recognised if it has been approved beforehand by the examination board.


For additional information, please see the internship regulations.

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